Sediment Yields of Basins in the Western Black Sea Region of Turkey


Abstract: Soil loss and sediment yield are estimated for the basins of the Western Black Sea region of Turkey with different prediction models. The universal soil loss equation (USLE) is the first model applied in this study. Due to the lack of reliable measurement data, the results determined by the application of the USLE using weighted average factors are compared with the results from geographical information system supported USLE predictions undertaken in the TEFER studies performed in the region. Secondly, the modified universal soil loss equation (MUSLE) is applied for direct determination of sediment yield. Finally, the universal equation is expressed with various proposed powers to increase accuracy after regression analysis is applied to the data obtained from the USLE method with weighted averaged factors. It is concluded that the prediction of sediment yield by the USLE using weighted average factors gives quick and accurate estimates.

Keywords: Soil loss, Sediment yield, Universal soil loss equation, USLE, MUSLE

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