Modelling of the Effect of Different Infeed Angles and Cutting Areas on the Cutting Forces in External Threading


Abstract: Variations in cutting forces were investigated experimentally depending on infeed angles and cutting areas in the external threading on a CNC turning centre. For this purpose, AISI 1050 workpiece material, 16ERM AG 60 IC 908 cutting tool, and SER 2525 M16 tool holder were used. External threading operations were performed using 0°, 14.5°, 15°, 27.5°, and 30° infeed angles while the cutting speed was held constant at 100 m/min for the experiments. Experimental results showed that the infeed angle and cutting area had significant effects on the main cutting force and the radial force components were considerable in threading operations in terms of energy consumption. In addition, the optimum infeed angle was 30° in the external threading operations in terms of cutting forces.

Keywords: External threading, Infeed angles, Cutting forces

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