Nonlinear control of large-scale fed-batch yeast fermentation: control of the specific growth rate


Abstract: Model-based feedback linearizing control is studied for the control of fed-batch yeast fermentation. For this purpose, the specific growth rate of fed-batch baker's yeast fermentation is controlled with a state feedback linearizing control approach. All control algorithms are constructed on reliable primary measurements, data reconciliation, and state estimations developed previously. The obtained biomass concentrations and specific growth rates are used in the control algorithms. Initially, the results of open-loop specific growth rate controlled fed-batch baker's yeast fermentation are given to show the shortcomings of the existing control method in practice. The state feedback linearizing control of the specific growth rate is then applied to the fed-batch baker's yeast fermentation. Different specific growth rate profiles are investigated and results are presented. The successful implementation of the control of the specific growth rate is shown under the critical specific growth rate value and other limiting factors.

Keywords: State estimation, nonlinear control, feedback linearizing control, fed-batch, baker's yeast, specific growth rate

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