Soil-Structure Interaction for a Wedge-Shaped Structure Supported by a Flexible Embedded Foundation for Incident SH Waves


Abstract: A simple model of a wedge-shaped structure supported by a flexible foundation, embedded in an elastic half-space and excited by incident plane SH waves, is considered. For this model, a closed-form solution can be derived using the wave expansion method. The wave functions in the structure are such that they satisfy the zero-stress condition on its ``free'' surfaces automatically. The same holds for the waves in the flexible foundation and for the scattered waves in the soil. The coefficients of the expansion are determined by imposing the continuity of displacements and stress conditions at the structure-foundation and foundation-soil interfaces. This requires transformation of wave fields from one cylindrical coordinate system to another, accomplished with the help of Graf's Addition Theorem, as well as transformation of wave fields with given periodicity in the angular coordinate (such as satisfaction boundary conditions) into wave fields with different periodicity (so that the continuity conditions are applied) by Fourier series expansion. Numerical results are evaluated for different material properties and for different incident angles.

Keywords: SH waves, Dynamic soil-structure interaction, Wave passage effects, Dynamic interaction, Flexible foundation

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