Automation of Clamping Force Calculation in Fixture Design


Abstract: In a manufacturing process which requires a fixture as clamping device, the determination of clamping forces to be applied on the part that will be manufactured is important. In this work, the effective cutting and clamping forces in fixtures were calculated automatically using computers. In the developed system, clamping orders are mainly reduced to three types For these three clamping types, statical equilibrium equations based on the superposition rule were prepared. In the program many operations, from cutting tool selection, to insert selection are carried out automatically by interactively receiving little information from the user. By a using detailed database concerning the part material and cutting tool, first cutting forces during machining are determined and then, by choosing a clamping method, clamping forces are calculated automatically. The program is written in Delphi 3.0 and it has a modular structure that can be adapted to many systems which will be developed for fixture design.

Keywords: Fixtures, force analysis, clamping forces, cutting forces

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