Ethanol Production from D-xylose by Pachysolen tannophilus


Abstract: A number of different yeasts are now recognized as being capable of fermenting pentose sugar into ethanol. One of the most prominent among these is Pachysolen tannophilus}. The initial yeast extract concentration, D-xylose concentration and pH were chosen as independent factors in 2^3-factorial experimental design and the effects of these factors on ethanol production from D-xylose by P. tannophilus} were examined in repeated shake flask cultures according to the Box-Wilson experimental design method. A maximum ethanol production rate of 2.03 g dm^{-3} day^{-1} was obtained when the initial D-xylose concentration, yeast extract concentration, and pH were 37.01 g dm^{-3}, 8.34 g dm^{-3}, and 4.22, respectively.

Keywords: Ethanol production, Pachysolen tannophilus, D-xylose.

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