Performance optimization of a long rod penetrator penetrating into a semi-infinite target considering bending characteristics


Abstract: In this article a new parameter is introduced that optimizes penetration depth of a long rod penetrating into a semi-infinite target. This parameter helps to optimize penetration depth when the projectile is subjected to transverse loading. This parameter is defined using a simple assumption governing bending moment and deflection of the rod as well as the experimental observation of long rod penetrators having aspect ratios (L/D) of greater than 30. In this article the length of the rod that sustains allowable bending stress but does not fail is calculated. Using the results of the bending analysis and solution of the Alekseevskii & Tate (AT) equation, an analytical method to optimize crater depth for long rod penetrators of L/D > 30 is obtained. The result of the optimization shows a 14% increase in penetration depth. Also the results of the optimization are compared with the experimental results.

Keywords: Optimization, Penetration, Long rod penetrators, Target, Aspect ratios, Bending characteristics.

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