Tunnel-Curvature´s Influence on the Propagation of the Consequences of Large-Scale Accidental Fire - a CFD-Investigation


Abstract: There is growing evidence for influence of irradiative heat-flux in the large scale confined fires onto the fire growth rate and subsequently there is a need to understand mentioned relationship regarding the development of the effective fire-suppression methods. In this study, the influence of the traffic tunnel's curvature onto the consequences of the fire on both the will be investigated. Heat radiation of the flame and the gaseous products of such non premixed combustion (NPC) depend on the geometrical position of the inflammable objects as well as on the propagation of the gaseous combustion products in such type of enclosure. In a traffic tunnel the position of the inflammable objects alone will determine the development of this large scale NPC, during this planed investigation. The simulations based on computer fluid dynamics (CFD) with characteristic conditions - real-geometry factors - will be performed. This investigation; for the given geometrical characteristics of the investigated operating road tunnel; will establish an important crosstalk between the large-scale confined combustion of inflammable hydro-carbons and its propagation in an curved underground traffic facility.

Keywords: CFD, Large-scale fires, RANS, k-\varepsilon , Tunnel-fires

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