Synoptic Analysis of Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Avalanches

Authors: Yunus BORHAN, Mikdat KADIOĞLU

Abstract: Thirty-seven avalanches observed from 1982 to 1993 inclusive, in the eastern and southeastern areas of Anatolia, were studied. Synoptic analysis was used to study the role of meteorological parameters and their relationships to fronts and cyclones. Two basic sequences of events were found to be associated with avalanching in these regions: substantial frontal cyclones followed by cooling just below freezing, and rain followed by warming near the freezing point. It was then determined that the progression of 30 out of 37 avalanches occurrences through these regions of Turkey was closely related to progression of frontal cyclones. Therefore, the synoptic meteorology approach was found to be the best application in forecasting direct-action avalanches, which involve new snow and/or rain during or after storms.

Keywords: Front, Avalanche, Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia, Synoptic Analysis

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