The Computational Simulation of the Concentration Field of a Condensing Water Vapour Jet and Comparison with Experimental Data

Authors: Şenol BAŞKAYA

Abstract: Concentration fields of water vapour, water droplet and air are presented from numerical simulation results of a turbulent water vapour jet discharged into ambient air, resulting in a two-phase (liquid and vapour), two-fluid (air and water) condensing free jet. Calculations were made with a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) code. Axial and radial concentration values from CFD simulations, are reported and compared with experimental measurements using an isokinetic sampling probe. Centreline decay rates were calculated for this condensing jet and compared with data from the literature. CFD results were very close to experimental measurements, and condensation effects on concentration distributions were found to be negligible. In the design and operation of industrial plants it is necessary to ensure the safety of the plant against possible effects caused by various types of jet flow arising from pipe breaks. The present results will be helpful in predicting the environmental effects of such jets.

Keywords: Fluid Jet, Two-Phase Flow, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Condensation, Concentration

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