Calibration and Use of a Five-Tube Pressure Probe in the Swirling Flow Field

Authors: Mehmet Yaşar GÜNDOĞDU, Ömer Turgay GÖKSEL

Abstract: In this paper; construction, calibration and then the measurement of flow velocity and angularity in a swirling flow field by a fixed five-tube pressure probe are presented. A novel orientation mechanism was designed to achieve the calibration of the probe. Non-interference with the flow field, simplicity of manipulation and construction are the main advantages of this orientation mechanism over other mechanisms mentioned in the available literature. This mechanism enables to rotate the probe about its tip in two planes perpendicular to each other with a precision of \mp 0.25°. A variable speed, blower type wind tunnel was used during the calibration process. Calibration of the probe was done in the ranges of \mp 45° in pitch and \mp 35° in yaw. The calibration charts thus obtained were used to measure the flow direction, dynamic pressure and total pressure in a swirling flow field of a vertical air cyclone by fixing the probe axis approximately in line with the \theta-direction of the cylindrical co-ordinate system.

Keywords: Pressure, Probe, Yaw, Pitch, Swirl

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