Mass Transfer Coefficients at the Stagnation Point with Submerged Impinging Multi-Jet Flow of Fluid Electrolyte


Abstract: This paper presents experimental results for the mass transfer coefficients in the impingement region of a multi-jet flow. A disc distributor containing `N' nozzles produces multi-jets that interact in a complex manner before they reach the target surface where mass transfer occurs. In particular, the size of the distributor disc, together with its height from the target surface, and the nozzle hole diameters and arrangements are varied in the experiments to find their effects on the mass transfer coefficient. The mass transfer coefficient increases with an increase in nozzle hole and disc distributor size, and decreases with an increase in both the height of the disc distributor from the target surface and cell size. Correlations of the mass transfer coefficient with a typical flow Reynolds number are also proposed.

Keywords: Multi-jets, Disc distributor, Nozzle hole, Electrolytic cell, Stagnation point

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