Heavy Metal Pollution and Chemical Profile of Ceyhan River (Adana-TURKEY)


Abstract: This study has been performed to investigate geochemical aspect of Ceyhan River water. Parameters searched annually were anions, cations, some trace elements, pH, EC, T °C and salinity. Annual fluctuations of the major dissolved constituents were obtained, chemical and utilization classifications were carried out. Water samples have high carbonate hardnesses. Main ions are in the following order: rCa\geq rMg> r(Na+K) and r(HCO_3+CO_3)>rSO_4> rCl. Although, the quality of Ceyhan river may be classified as very good-good based on the salt and sodium for irrigation, Cd concentration exceeded the upper limit of standards. Concentrations of all elements and ions increase downstream with little deviations. About 100% of Mn, Cu, Ni, Cr, Cd, Co, and 99% of Zn, Pb, Al elements are held on suspended matters.

Keywords: Heavy Metals, Water Pollution

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