Effects of Residual Stresses Caused by Different Types of Loading on Silent Chain Strength

Authors: Adnan ÖZEL, Sadri ŞEN, Melih BELEVİ

Abstract: Engagement and disengagement of a chain with sprocket teeth results in fatigue loading, particularly when one of the sprockets is small, and the chordal action contributes to problem. Silent chain link plates are subjected to varying tension and, thus, must be designed to prevent tensile fatigue failure. In this study, increasing the strength of a silent without changing link plate shape by residual stresses shape was investigated. The most convenient residual stresses obtained with different loading types were determined with the finite element method. As a result of this study, it was observed that the strength of silent chain links can be increased by residual stresses.

Keywords: Silent chain, elasto-plastic, residual stress, finite element

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