Static and dynamic bearing capacity of strip footings, under variable repeated loading


Abstract: The problem of bearing capacity of strip footings is one of the basic and classical problems of geotechnical engineering. Footings under variable repeated loads are vulnerable to collapse due to accumulation of plastic strains or inadaptation. Unlike common limit state methods, the shakedown method can be applied to investigate the behavior of structures subjected to loads varying and repeating in time. In the present study, shakedown theory is employed to determine the static and dynamic bearing capacity of strip footings under variable repeated loads. Effects of load variation and repetition on bearing capacity of footing are studied thoroughly for both static and dynamic loadings. The results indicate that the dynamic bearing capacity of footings is sensitive to dynamic properties of load and subsoil. In addition, results are compared to the bearing capacity of a footing obtained by the common limit state methods.

Keywords: Bearing capacity, footing, shakedown, repeated variable load

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