An analytical study of MHD heat and mass transfer oscillatory flow of a micropolar fluid over a vertical permeable plate in a porous medium

Authors: M. Modather, A.M. R, ALI CHAMKHA

Abstract: An analytical solution is presented for the problem of heat and mass transfer of an oscillatory 2-dimensional viscous, electrically conducting micropolar fluid over an infinite moving permeable plate in a saturated porous medium in the presence of a transverse magnetic field. Numerical solutions are given for the governing momentum, angular momentum, energy, and concentration equations. The effects of permeability and chemical reaction parameters are presented, graphically or in tables, for the velocity profiles, microrotation profiles, skin friction coefficient, and wall couple stress coefficient. The results indicate that increasing the chemical reaction parameter produces a decreasing effect on the skin friction coefficient and the couple stress coefficient at the wall, while the opposite is true when the permeability parameter is increased.

Keywords: Analytical solution; Heat and mass transfer; Chemical reaction; Micropolar fluid; Magnetohydrodynamics; Porous medium.

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