Minimum Weight Cross Section-Fuselage Design By Using Z-Section Type Stringers

Authors: İbrahim ÖZKOL

Abstract: In this study the main purpose is to explain the sequences which are followed during the preliminary structural design stages of an aircraft fuselage. Fuselage supporting members, and their functions during the service, such as skin, stringers, bulkheads and monocoque structures are outlined so as to make correct idealizations as well as assumptions. For having been minimum weight conditions and for its requirements, necessary explanations have been done. Besides that, possible buckling modes are not omitted and explained with their causalities. To depict such a simplification and idealization CASA-3000 aircraft, which is still on its design stage, is chosen as an example to apply all above driven relations. Finally, number of stringers, skin thickness and weight relations outlined, in order to decide minimum weight-cross section fuselage.

Keywords: Minimum Weight-cross Section, Fuselage, Z-Section Type Stringers, Idealization.