Boundary Lubricated Friction and Wear of T1 High Speed Steel, Ceramics and Different Combinations Between These Materials

Authors: Abdullah MİMAROĞLU

Abstract: An investigation was conducted to determine boundary lubricated friction and wear resistance of high speed steel and ceramics. The influence of hardness, carbide size and temperature on boundary lubricated wear rate were investigated. Tests were carried out for carbide size range 2-8 µm, hardness range 730-934 HV and a temperature range between 22-150 ¼C. The wear rates were deduced from steady state, end point (scar diameter) and disc groove measurements. The results of wear rate for different combinations of materials showed that, combination of Si3N4 ball on T1 disc have the higher wear resistance of 10-15 pin wear resistance. The results of tests of T1 with different hardness and carbide size concluded their negligible or unclear influences. The effect of process route of ceramics on their wear characteristics is very small. Finally using RHP (Castrol 580) lubricant, the tribological characteristics of Si3N4 and T1 high speed steels is remarkably similar to one another.

Keywords: Lubricant, Wear, Ceramic, High Speed Steel.