Evaluation of Statistical Modeling Techniques in the Investigation of the Dimensions of Machined Components

Authors: Can ÇOĞUN, Bünyamin KILINÇ

Abstract: In this study, an investigation was conducted to find the behavior of the variation of the dimensions of machined workpieces collected for quality control purposes and to propose statistical distribution functions (models) which would best reflect the variation of the statistical behavior of workpiece dimensions. In the study, normal, log-normal, triangular, rectangular, Weibull, Erlang and beta probability density functions were tested for the fit of behavior of frequency distributions of workpiece dimensions collected from various manufacturing firms. The beta distribution function was found to be the best fit by the chi-square test. The STATGRAF statistical analysis software package was used for the-chi-square tests of collected workpiece dimensions.

Keywords: Dimension measurement, statistical modeling, beta distribution function.

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