Measurement of SO2 Deposition on Decomposing Leaf Litter in a Laboratory Fumigation System

Authors: Şükrü DURSUN, Lynne BODDY, Phil INESON, Juliet C. FRANKLAND

Abstract: Dry deposition of SO2 under laboratory conditions was investigated using environmentally-realistic concentrations of SO2. During a month of continuous fumigation of decomposing leaf litter, dry deposition of SO2 decreased with time. Also, the leaf litter type and species of fungi on the litter affected the deposition rate of SO2, deposition on inoculated litter being significantly higher than in empty jars or jars with sterile litter. Increasing concentration of SO2 significantly affected the deposition rate.

Keywords: SO2, Fumigation, Dry Deposition, Fungi, Leaf Litter.