Effect of Oxygen Content on the Sintering Behaviour of Silver Nanopowders Produced by Inert Gas Condensation


Abstract: Polymer-based materials are made electrically conductive by combining with a particulate conductive material. Instead of using high aspect-ratio conventional fillers, such as fibres and flakes, highly porous silver nanopowders were produced for using in polymer matrix composites. Such powders were produced by inert gas condensation (IGC) in a helium atmosphere with or without additional oxygen. The effect of oxygen content on the size, morphology and specific surface area of the particles were determined. In addition, powders were annealed at 100, 150, 200 and 300°C for 60 minutes and the sintering behaviour of particles depending on oxygen content was assessed.

Keywords: Inert gas condensation, Ag nanopowders, Sintering.

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