Low Cycle Fatigue Properties of 2124/SiC_{p} Al-Alloy Composites


Abstract: In this article, powder metallurgy processed metal matrix composites are tested under the strain control loading conditions. The influence of volume fraction (17 and 25 vol%), particulate size (2.5 and 15 \mu m) of reinforcement particles and strain ratio (R=0, R=0.5 and R= -1) are examined for 2124 Al-alloy-T4 composites. Increasing the content of SiC_{p} results in the degradation of strain control fatigue properties. The monotonic and cyclic stress-strain response of the 2124Al -- (25 vol % 2.5 \mu m) SiC_{p} composite was significantly altered by strain ratio values.Fatigue cracks frequently initiated from intensively stress concentrated regions. Increasing volume fraction and particle sizes result in early crack initiation.

Keywords: Composites, Fatigue, Low cycle fatigue

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