Anthropogenic Pollution in Izmit Bay: Heavy Metal Concentrations in Surface Sediments


Abstract: The extent of marine pollution in İzmit Bay is studied using geochemical data in surface sediments. The concentrations of 41 elements in 24 samples establish that surface sediments in inner and central İzmit Bay display significant enrichments in Ag, As, Cd, Cr, Co, Cu, Hg, Mo, P, Pb, Sb, Ti, V, and Zn associated with high concentrations of total organic carbon and sulphur. Geo-accumulation indices indicate that the inner and central İzmit Bay surface sediments are moderately to very strongly polluted with respect to Ag, Cd, Hg, Mo and Sb, and unpolluted to moderately polluted with respect to As, Co, Cu, Pb, and Zn. Despite total sedimentary concentrations above their pre-industrial background levels, geo-accumulation indices show that the surface sediments in İzmit Bay are unpolluted with respect to Cr, Ti and V. Except for a localized area offshore Tuzla, the outer İzmit Bay is generally unpolluted with respect to heavy metals.

Keywords: İzmit Bay, Marine Pollution, Heavy Metals

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