Investigation and Analysis of Ogive-Shape Nose Steel Projectile into Concrete Target


Abstract: Penetration of projectile into concrete target is of high interest to both civilian as well as applied scientists. The penetration process is highly complex and due to it interdisciplinary nature, most of the works in this respect are experimental. High cost of experimentation has forced many of the investigators to rely on simple analytical and engineering models. Recent investigations rely heavily on simulation processes using available software tools. The aim of this paper is to simulate the penetration of a high velocity ogive-shape nose steel projectile into concrete target. The crater depth is also obtained using analytical formula developed by Forrestal. The results of the analytical as well as LS-DYNA simulation are compared with the experimental results of valid sources and a very good agreement is recorded.

Keywords: Penetration, Projectile, Cavity expansion, Concrete, LS-DYNA

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