An Uncertainty Method for Moisture Concentration Assessment in Composite Material Plates T300/5208 under Hygrothermal Conditions Effects


Abstract: Matrix polymer composite materials are increasingly required especially for high-performance applications. Sadly, these materials are subjected to degradation in a given environment. Indeed, the aromatic structure of the matrix makes it not only sensitive to the effects of certain solvents, but also susceptible to the reorganization of chains over time. This last phenomenon is known as ageing and leads to the loss of initial physical and mechanical properties of the matrix. Degradation problem due to the exposure to the environment is one of the most critical affecting phenomena in the use of composite materials in various structures. The objective of this work is to present a study of temperature and humidity effects on plates of polymer matrix materials. The hygrothermal effects are analysed in a study of water concentration evolution through the plate thickness (Fick's model). The second part of this work deals with the determination of water concentrations in composite material plates using a probabilistic method. It also aims to demonstrate the importance of probabilistic methods in the field of composite materials and to study uncertainty regarding the unpredictable variables.

Keywords: Composite materials, Hygrothermal behavior, Aging, Reliability analysis, Environmental cyclic conditions, Fick's Model, Moisture diffusion

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