Development of a Laboratory Test Procedure to Evaluate Tack Coat Performance


Abstract: A laboratory testing procedure is presented, the results of which may be used for determining the best combination of tack coat type, mixture type, and application rate to be applied in the field for optimum performance. Tack coat related performance results were determined from Hamburg wheel tracking and simple shear tests on laboratory prepared specimens. This study was undertaken to evaluate the shear strength performance of tack coats under laboratory-controlled conditions. The performance of thin asphalt concrete (AC) overlays on concrete (PCC) pavements was evaluated. In practice, problems with these types of structures are often related to the interface interaction between the AC and PCC and consequently the performance of the tack coat. The experiment presents a methodology to examine the performance of tack coats used to bond AC and PCC structures in the laboratory. This paper presents the results of the lab tests and a statistical analysis of the results.

Keywords: Asphalt, Tack coat, Hamburg wheel tracking device, Shear test, Asphalt overlays

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