Desulphurization of Silopi Asphaltite with Flash Pyrolysis

Authors: Hürriyet ERSAHAN, O. Nuri SARA, Ali Y. BİLGESÜ

Abstract: The desulphuization of Silopi asphaltite with flash pyrolysis in an entrained flow reactor under nitrogen atmosphere was investigated. For this purpose, the asphaltite sample was pyrolysed in the temperature range of 400-550^0C. The total sulphur removal, the change of sulphur types and reduction in the volatite matter were found with respect to pyrolysis temperature. A volatile mater removal of 33.6% was obtained at the final pyrolysis temperature of 550^0C. The removal of pyritic, sulphatic, organic and total sulphur were found as 36.7%, 21.0%, 15.0% and 17.8%, respectively at 550^0C.

Keywords: Asphaltite, flash pyrolysis, desulphurization.