Flame Retardant and Vinylated Alkyd Resins and Paints

Authors: Güngör GÜNDÜZ, Fahimeh MIRMINACHI, Banu KOCABAŞ, Lemi TÜRKER

Abstract: In this research the effect of acrylonitrile on styrenated alkyd resin was investigated. In addition long oil, styrenated, and acrylonitrilated paints were produced and the effect of decabromodiphenyloxide (DBDPO) on their flame retardance was studied. Acrylonitrile increased the viscosity of the resin. However it improved the flexibility and the impact strength. The flame retardance was expressed in terms of oxygen index value, and it was observed that an increase in the aromatic group content of the resin increases oxygen index. Long oil and styrenated resins become self-extinguishing at 5% DBDPO while acrylonitrilated resin becomes self-extinguishing at 2% DBDPO. Paints of vinylated resins dry at about half time of long oil paints. DBDPO halves the drying time in all paints hence it imparts fast drying property. DBDPO highly decreases the hardness of all paints and decreases the impact and bending strengths of vinylated paints.

Keywords: Paint, Alkyd, Flame Retardant, Styrene, Acrylonitrile.