The Relationships Between The Air Pollution and Meteorological Parameters in Samsun-Tekkeköy Region

Authors: Nevzat BEYAZIT, Osman Nuri ERGUN

Abstract: In this study, the measurement of sulfur dioxide (SO2) and smoke concentrations, evalution of these values together with the meteorological parameters and determination of air pollution level at Samsun-Tekkeköy region have been aimed. As meteorological parameters; pressure, temperature, relative humidity and the speed of the wind have been investigated. In determination of statistical relations, monthly averages of all data have been used. Regression equations and correlation coefficients have been obtained. Distribution of concentrations in respect to the average values have been investigated by determining the standard deviation and variation values. It has been observed that SO2 concentrations, measured at the investigated area, were over WHO criteria and Air Quality Control Regulation standarts and it has been determined that all smoke concentration averages were under the related standarts. It has been determined that the relations between the pollutants and meteorological parameters were usually weak and the relations between the concentrations belonging to the stations were strong. The sources which contribute to the air pollution of the region are various and so many. The major potantial pollutant sources are as fallows: domestic heating activities, industrial sources, exhaust gasses and pollutants transported from abroad and surrounding areas. Because the region is the industrial area of Samsun city, the industrial sources are expected to be main source. In order to reduce and control the air pollution at Samsun-Tekkeköy region, particle and gas control systems, especially which are still being used in TÜGSAS and K.B.I. are required to improve and use in other industries located at the site, having the speciality of important pollution sources. Environmental impact assesment reports must be prepared for the new industries that will be established at the region. For the reduction of pollution from exhaust gases, emission control applications for motor vehicles must become prevalent.

Keywords: Samsun, Tekkeköy, Air Pollution, Meteorological Parameters, Regression.