Time Varying Hydromagnetic Couette Flow with Heat Transfer of a Dusty Fluid in the Presence of Uniform Suction and Injection Considering the Hall Effect


Abstract: The time varying Couette flow with heat transfer of a dusty viscous incompressible electrically conducting fluid under the influence of a constant pressure gradient is studied without neglecting the Hall effect. The parallel plates are assumed to be porous and subjected to a uniform suction from above and injection from below while the fluid is acted upon by an external uniform magnetic field applied perpendicular to the plates. The governing equations are solved numerically using finite differences to yield the velocity and temperature distributions for both the fluid and dust particles. It is found that both the fluid and the solid-particle phases have 2 components of velocity. The main 2 components of velocity of the fluid and dust particles, u and u_p, respectively, are found to increase with an increase in the Hall parameter m. However, the other 2 components of velocity w and w_p, which result due to the Hall effect, increase with the Hall parameter m for small m and decrease with m for large values of m. It is also found that the temperatures of both fluid and particle phases decrease with the Hall parameter m.

Keywords: Two phase flow, Dusty fluids, Heat transfer, Hydromagnetic flow

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