Interaction of Couple Stresses and Slip Flow on Peristaltic Transport in Uniform and Nonuniform Channels


Abstract: The effect of slip velocity on peristaltic flow of a couple stress fluid in uniform and nonuniform symmetric channels is studied. This problem has numerous applications. It serves as a model for the blood flow in living creatures. Using long wavelength approximation and neglecting inertial forces, a closed form solution for the axial velocity and the pressure gradient was obtained. Numerical computations were carried out to investigate the effect of couple stress parameter \alpha and Knudsen number K_n on pressure rise, maximum pressure rise, and friction force for uniform and nonuniform channels. It is noted that the pressure rise decreases with increasing \alpha and increasing K_n. The friction force has an opposite behavior compared with pressure rise.

Keywords: Peristalsis, Couple stresses, Slip flow

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