On the Radiological Character of a Coal-Fired Power Plant at the Town of Çatalağzı, Turkey


Abstract: This paper presents a study performed on the radiological character of the Çatalağzı Thermal Power Plant (ÇTPP/ÇATES), on the west Black Sea coast of Turkey. Natural radioactivity distribution of the terrestrial radionuclides ^{238}U, ^{232}Th, and ^{40}K of surface soil samples around the ÇTPP was analyzed. The average radioactivity concentrations for ^{232}Th, ^{238}U, and ^{40}K for soil samples were 39.7, 30.5, and 378.7 Bq kg^{-1}, respectively. ^{238}U and ^{40}K concentrations are lower than the world average values, 35 Bq kg^{-1} and 400 Bq kg^{-1}, respectively, and the ^{232}Th concentration is higher than the world average value, 30 Bq kg^{-1}.

Keywords: Coal-fired power plant, Soil, Uranium, Thorium, Potassium

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