Synthesis of oleic acid based esters as potential basestock for biolubricant production


Abstract: Ester derivatives of 9, 10-dihydroxystearic acid were prepared and characterized. The processes involved were epoxidation of oleic acid, opening of the oxirane ring, and esterification. The structures of the products were confirmed by FTIR, ^1H- and ^{13}C-NMR. The low-temperature properties of each product were characterized using the pour point test. Other physical properties, such as flash point and viscosity, were also determined. The results show that desirable low temperature properties were obtained for triester 7, with a pour point value of -25 °C. It was discovered that increasing the chain length of the mid-chain ester and the branching at the end-chain ester had a positive influence on low-temperature properties of the triesters. These products could plausibly be used as biobased industrial materials in biolubricants, surfactants, or fuels.

Keywords: Oleic acid based esters, pour point, biolubricants

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