Double diffusive mixed convection flow over a moving vertical plate in the presence of internal heat generation and a chemical reaction

Authors: P. M. PATIL, S. ROY, A. J. CHAMKHA

Abstract: This paper investigates the steady, laminar mixed convection flow over a continuously moving semi-infinite vertical plate due to the combined effects of thermal and mass diffusion in the presence of internal heat generation or absorption and an nth order homogeneous chemical reaction between the fluid and the diffusing species. The nonlinear partial differential equations governing the flow, thermal, and concentration fields are obtained in non-similar form by introducing suitable transformations. The final non-similar set of coupled nonlinear partial differential equations is solved using an implicit finite difference scheme in combination with quasilinearization. A parametric study is performed to illustrate the influence of various parameters on the velocity, temperature, and concentration profiles in the present investigation. Further, the numerical results are presented for the skin friction coefficient, Nusselt number, and Sherwood number.


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