An energy absorption comparison of square, circular, and elliptic steel and aluminum tubes under impact loading


Abstract: By carrying out finite element simulation, energy absorption values of thin-walled tubes with different geometric dimensions were investigated. Square, circular, and elliptic tubes of steel and aluminum were used to compare energy absorption. The experimental results of load-displacement used for verification in the square steel tubes showed good agreement. Three-dimensional simulation was accomplished with a finite element method while the impactor collided with one side of tube and the other side was kept rigid. Square tubes for 2 specified widths with 2 different thicknesses were also compared. In addition, 2 other cross sections including circle and ellipse with the same area were studied for comparison in a load-displacement curve. The results show that the ellipse cross section had more energy absorption than the 2 others. Moreover, the amount of energy absorption will be greater with increasing thickness for smaller section tubes.

Keywords: Impact, Energy absorption, Finite element method, Axial crushing.

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