An Efficient Seismic Analysis Procedure for Torsionally Coupled Multistory Buildings Including Soil-Structure Interaction


Abstract: In this paper, a simplified methodology of analysis for the seismic response of 3-dimensional irregular high-rise buildings on a rigid footing resting on the surface of a linear elastic half-space is formulated. An efficient method using modal decomposition and carried out in the frequency domain by using the fast Fourier transform to obtain the structural response of torsionally asymmetric buildings, including soil-structure interaction effects, is presented. Applying this algorithm, full advantage is taken of classical normal mode approximation, and the interaction problem is solved easily and effectively within the framework of the Fourier-transformed frequency domain analysis for a fixed-base structure. The matrix formulation of this method produces accurate approximation with less computational effort, in spite of using the frequency dependent impedance functions.

Keywords: Torsionally coupled multistory buildings, Soil-structure interaction, Frequency domain analysis, Impedance functions, Modal decomposition

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