Steady Flow of a Walter's B' Viscoelastic Fluid between a Porous Elliptic Plate and the Ground


Abstract: Steady three-dimensional flow of a Walter's B' viscoelastic fluid between a porous elliptic plate and the ground was considered. From a practical point of view, this problem corresponds to fluid-cushioned porous sliders, which are useful in reducing the frictional resistance of moving objects. The basic equations governing the flow were reduced to a set of ordinary differential equations by using the appropriate transformations for the velocity components. Perturbation solutions of the velocity field were obtained by taking the cross-flow Reynolds number as the perturbation parameter. The graphical presentation of the results readily reveals the differences between the Newtonian and viscoelastic flow phenomena. In addition, with regard to optimum efficiency, it is shown that it is more advantageous to move an elliptic plate with high eccentricity along the major axis when a viscoelastic fluid is used.

Keywords: Walter's B' viscoelastic fluid, Porous elliptic plate, Lift and drag.

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