A Mathematics Model For Determination of Heater and Cooler Dimensions of A Stirling Engine


Abstract: In this study the dimensions of the heater and cooler of a Stirling engine are estimated by simulating the velocity and temperature fields in the heater and cooler using finite difference method. For an engine working at steady conditions, at the 300 K cold and 1000 K hot sources temperatures and 750 rpm engine speed a thermodynamic analysis is performed and the local values of mass, density and pressure are determined relative to crank angle. The cyclic period is divided into 10 degree sub periods and using the mass flow obtained from thermodynamic analysis, the velocity profiles, temperature profiles, average temperature and heat transfer coefficient distribution are calculated for each sub period. In the calculations the gas temperature measured at the inlet and outlet of heater are used as boundary condition. As the result considering 1 mm channel width, 12 cm length for heater and 14 cm length for cooler were determined.

Keywords: Stirling Engine, Heater and Cooler, Finite Difference Method

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