Adsorption of Phenols and Chlorophenols in Wastewaters on Activated Carbon and Dried Activated Sludge


Abstract: One of the methods used for removal of phenols and chlorophenols from the wastewaters of petroleum refineries, coke, medicine, dye, plastics, pesticide, insecticide, and paper industry is the adsorption process. In this study, adsorption of phenol, o-chlorophenol and p-chlorophenol from aqueous solutions on to granular activated carbon and dried activated sludge was investigated as a function of pH, initial pollutant concentration and functional groups. Effects of these parameters on adsorption rates and yields were investigated. The Freundlich and Langmuir adsorption isotherms were used for the mathematical description of the adsorption equilibrium and the isotherm constants were determined for each pollutant.

Keywords: Phenol/o-chlorophenol/p-chlorophenol, adsorption, activated carbon, activated sludge

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