Changes of Grain Sizes and Flow Stresses of AA2014 and AA6063 Aluminum Alloys at High Temperatures in Various Strain Rates


Abstract: Changes in the grain sizes and flow stresses of AA2014 and AA6063 aluminum alloys subjected to compression tests at high temperatures in various constant compression head speeds were investigated. When assessing the test results, constant strain rates were considered instead of compression head speeds of the uniaxial compression testing system after making the necessary mathematical transformation. Specimens used in the test were prepared in cylindrical form and deformed until 0.7 true strain. As a result of compression tests, true stress-true strain curves were obtained. Test specimens were quenched as soon as the tests ended. The microstructures that occurred after various hot deformations, which materials better mechanical properties were studied with respect to experimental work. Data dealing with mechanical and microstuctural properties under isothermal forging conditions were obtained for industrial applications.

Keywords: Aluminum alloys, Plastic deformation, Grain size, True strain, Compression head speed and True strain rate.

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