Investigation of Influences of Pressing Pressure and Sintering Temperature on the Mechanical Properties of Al-Al_{4}C_{3} Composite Materials


Abstract: In this study, Al powders containing 3% wt carbon black were mechanically alloyed in a high energy ball mill for 20 h. Mechanically alloyed powders were compacted at various pressures (400, 500, 600, and 700 MPa) to produce specimens with dimensions of 6.35 x 12.70 x 31.70 mm. Specimens were then sintered at 500, 600, 650, and 700°C for 5 h under argon atmosphere in a tube furnace. XRD analysis was carried out to see the Al_{4}C_{3} transformation. SEM analysis was conducted to determine the sintering behavior of the powders. Transverse repute strength and hardness tests were carried out to fined the mechanical properties of specimens. The results showed that ideal compacting pressure was 600 MPa and the ideal sintering temperature was 650°C for good mechanical properties.

Keywords: Mechanical alloying, Aluminum Carbide, Mechanical properties.

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