Pre-Treatment of Antibiotic Formulation Wastewater by O_3, O_3/H_2O_2, and O_3/UV Processes


Abstract: The treatment of synthetically prepared antibiotic formulation wastewater with O_3, O_3/H_2O_2, and O_3/UV processes was examined. The efficiencies of the treatment processes were compared by means of COD, absorbance removals, and biodegradability enhancement. The efficiencies of O_3/pH = 7, O_3/ pH = 12, and O_3/H_2O_2 (50 mM) processes were almost identical in terms of COD and UV_{254} removals. The BOD_5/COD ratio of formulation wastewater increased from 0.02 to 0.38 and 0.5 at the end of 1 hr of ozone treatment at pH = 7 and pH = 12, respectively. For the formulation wastewater subjected to O_3/UV process at pH = 7, parallel to the UV_{254} removal efficiency, a 20% increase was obtained in the Oxygen Uptake Rate (OUR) value compared to that of mere ozonation.

Keywords: Antibiotic, Advanced oxidation, Formulation wastewater, Ozonation, Pharmaceutical industry wastewater

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