Bending Vibration of Two Edges of a Simple Supported Flat Viaduct Road Part


Abstract: Viaduct roads have wide application in big cities with high traffic loads in order to decrease the traffic density and to connect roads within cities to highways. Viaduct roads are constructed with steel structures instead of concrete ones in areas of earthquake risk. The low weight of steel structures causes problems such as vibration and noise. There is an increasing demand, especially in populated areas,to suppress vibration and noise in highways in order to reduce noise-related environmental pollution. In this study, bending vibrations of rectangular plate viaduct roads, which are supported by six fixed elements of rectangular cross section elements, are determined. Natural frequencies are obtained using the Rayleigh-Ritz technique, finite element analysis and experimentally. The results are presented in tables for comparison.

Keywords: Bending vibration, Natural frequency, Rectangular plate, Raleigh-Ritz technique, Finite element method.

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