Active Control of Residual Vibrations of a Cantilever Smart Beam


Abstract: The aim of this study is to control the residual vibrations of a clamped-free beam subjected to a moving load. The dynamic response of the beam is calculated by using the finite element method in order to design a suitable control technique and the numerical results are verified by vibration measurements. All the numerical calculations are performed by a commercial finite element package. Two laser displacement sensors are used to measure the dynamic response of the beam. The moving load is obtained by pressured air directed to the beam via a nozzle, and the movement of the load is achieved by an industrial robot manipulator having 6 degrees of freedom. In this study, the suppression of the residual vibrations that occur after the moving load has left the beam is considered as the main subject. Piezoelectric actuators are used for active vibration control study and displacement feedback is employed. The numerical results agree well with the experimental results. The results show that the finite element method can be used effectively for designing a suitable vibration control strategy.

Keywords: Active vibration control, Finite element method, Moving load, Piezoelectricity

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