Effects of Various Supplements on Riboflavin Production by Ashbya gossypii in Whey

Authors: Ersin ERTÜRK, Osman ERKMEN, Mehmet D. ÖNER

Abstract: Fermentation studies on the production of riboflavin were carried out with whey and whey supplemented with various supplements in Erlenmayer flasks and a laboratory fermenter using Ashbya gossypii. Riboflavin production started to increase most rapidly after 2 days of fermentation and continued to increase until the 5th day. The quantities of riboflavin produced by A. gossypii in whey after 8 days of Erlenmayer flask fermentation with bran, soybean flour, glycine + peptone and sucrose as supplements; were 389.5, 120.7, 101.7 and 87.5 mg/L, respectively. The lowest yields were obtained using peptone and soybean oil (23.2 and 17.5 mg/L, respectively) and supplements. Riboflavin produced in whey by A. gossypii during 8 days of fermentation in a fermenter were found to be four times higher than in Erlenmayer flask studies.

Keywords: Ashbya gossypii, whey, riboflavin, fermentation

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