The Myklestad's Method for the Free Vibration of Non-cylindrical Helical Springs

Authors: Vebil YILDIRIM

Abstract: In the present study, The Myklestad's method has been emyloyed for the free vibration problems of the barrel, of the hypberboloidal and of the conical helical springs which are commonly used in recent years. Using both the elastic element transfer matrices in statical form and the point mass matrices, the overall dynamic transfer matrix has been obtained approximately. In this study, the elastic element transfer matrix comprising the axial and shear deformations has been computed numerically upto any desired accuracy. Considering the rotary inertia terms, the point mass matrix of helices has been also determined by the D'Alambert's principle applying it on the concentrated masses. For the dynamic problems, acceptable approximate solution can be obtained with less unknows by this method according to the other methods.

Keywords: Helical Springs, Transfer Matrix, Non-cylindrical, Free Vibration, Natural Frequency