Experimental Determination of Pressure Losses and Critical Velocities in Transporting Sand By Water

Authors: Osman YİĞİT, Rafet YAPICI

Abstract: There is not a reliable theoretical method of calculation regarding the solid material transport in pipes. Therefore, the systems which transport solid material by fluid have been designed by using experimental results. In transporting solid material by fluid, the most important two parameters are the transport concentration and the size of solid particles. In this study, it is investigated how the pressure losses and critical velocities change with the volumetric concentration and the ratio of mass of smaller solid particle to total mass of sand in transporting solid material by water. It is observed that the increase of the ratio of smaller solid particles in mixture result an increase in the critical velocity for high volumetric concentrations.

Keywords: Hydraulic Transportation of Solids, Pressure Losses, Critical Velocities, size of Solid Particles