Weekly SO2 Pollution Map of Sivas City Center By Using Geostatistical Method

Authors: Birol ELEVLİ, Sermin DEMİRHAN, Gülnur COSKUNER

Abstract: In this study, geostatistical method is used to generate SO2 map of Sivas city center for winter season, especially in evening hours when pollution is very intensive. For this purpose, SO2 values were taken at 14 points between December 4 and 18, 1994. By using these samples and applying geostatistics, SO2 values of 100 meters spaced 2046 points were calculated. These values were used to generate pollution maps. The effect of topography, meteorological factors and city plan on air pollution is investigated by evaluating these maps. It is seen that this type of studies constitute an important part for making decisions on pollution control, city expansion plans and selection of industrial areas. The result of this study showed that between mentioned date, SO2 concentration was above the air pollution control regulations which are 150 µg/m3 for long-term and 400 µg/m3 for short-term.

Keywords: Pollution, Geostatistics, Variogram Parameters, Kriging