Factors Affecting the Pilling Performance of Knitted Wool Fabrics


Abstract: The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of different yarn blends and fabric constructions, such as 2 \times 2 rib, half cardigan, and 3 \times 3 cable stitch, on the pilling tendency and other physical properties of fabrics. The experimental results showed that the pilling grades of dry, relaxed half cardigan fabrics were higher. In the case of fully relaxed fabrics, however, rib fabrics performed well. In fabrics made from angora/polyamid yarns, the pilling grades of half cardigan fabrics were higher. In contrast to the results obtained for fully relaxed fabrics, there was no significant difference between the pilling tendency of 100% wool fabrics and that of wool/acrylic fabrics, in terms of the results obtained from dry, relaxed structures.

Keywords: Pilling, Cable Stitch, Half Cardigan

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