Production of high carbon ferromanganese from a manganese ore located in Erzincan


Abstract: Ferromanganese is an important additive used in the production of steel. Turkey produces more than 25 million tons of steel a year and the quantity produced is steadily increasing. Ferromanganese is not produced in Turkey, therefore, the country's entire supply is imported. Studies related to ferromanganese production would be benificial for future investments in ferromanganese production facilities. The production of high carbon ferromanganese from a manganese ore deposit located in Erzincan was examined in this study. The ore was smelted using carbon as the reducing agent. Time, weight ratio of graphite to ore, fluorspar addition, and charge basicity were used as the experimental variables and the resulting alloy and slag phases were subjected to chemical analysis. The objective of this study was to investigate the possibility of high carbon ferromanganese production from manganese ore in Erzincan.

Keywords: Smelting, high carbon ferromanganese, pyrometallurgy

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